How to Transfer Money From Google Adsense To Paypal And Payoneer

Recently I come across some forums where people are asking questions about receiving Adsense payment in Paypal account. I researched a lot on this topic and found no solution for that as PayPal is online payment processor, not a bank. Adsense have several payment options depending on your country, but PayPal is still not supported by Google, you can receive your AdSense payment via bank, western union or by Cheque if you still want to receive Adsense payment in Paypal than the following hack may be helpful for you.

First search for any virtual bank account provider in your country, many companies provide virtual bank accounts in USA and UK such as Payoneer, register with them and they will provide you bank details, put those details in your Adsense account and you will receive your Adsense payment in virtual bank account, then transfer that payment to PayPal, Paypal accepts wire transfers and there will be no problem in that, This is the only hack you can do to receive your Adsense income via Paypal.


Adsense is one of the best ad network for publishers to earn money from their sites, it allow publisher to earn from Ad clicks and views, at the end of every month earnings are being finalized and on the end of next month they are paid to publisher, Adsense currently allow publishers to receive their payment by Wire Transfer, Cheque, EFT Transfers & by Western Union.

ayoneer is Global payment processor which provides opportunity for big companies to pay out their workers easily worldwide when anyone sign up for Payoneer account, he/she get US bank account collection details to receive his/her payment from the company.

Many Adsense publishers want to receive their Adsense payment directly in Payoneer account, but Adsense do not support Payoneer at this time so publishers are not able to receive payment in their Payoneer account. If you want to link your Adsense account with Payoneer you must have active USA Adsense account.

How to Link USA Adsense account with Payoneer?

As Payoneer provide US bank account collection detail so you can use them in USA Adsense to get payment right in Payoneer account, of you want to link your account Go to Payoneer > Receive Payment from US companies and copy all bank details, then open Adsense and go to payment setting, in Payment setting, choose bank and then add Payoneer bank account details there, Google will first send a small amount to verify your bank account, after your bank account is verified you can receive all of your Payments directly into Payoneer account.

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If you are living outside of USA, then you can not receive payment in your Payoneer account, but Germany & UK Adsense owners still have the option to receive their payments in Payoneer, you can read more about receiving USA & Germany Adsense payment in Payoneer.

Hope this help, if there is something i will be happy to assist you with that.

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