how to save image and video from instagram

instagram is very popular social media is like facebook and twitter.many celebrity use the instagram
for populating in the masses.facebook was quick to buy company for a whopping $1 billion.instagram is one an only
application which attract the whole masses in few instagram has become of one the most actively used apps
on smartphone device.

instagram still does not offer the ability to download image and video from instagram.but thanks to android to provide
the facility to easily .downlaod image and video from i will show you how to download image and video
from instagram. and install save&repost for instagram android app. you can open the app and choose kind of ads you want to like::banner ads qand video ads. the toggle switch the read”
instant save. the instagram application icon at the top right corner and you will be redirected to the instagram application.

5.find the instagram image and video that you wish to saveand press the three-dot icon in the right corner of application.

6.from the pop-up menu,select copy link and wait as mediais automatically saved using the app.

a simple search on Google play store will reveal there tons of apps that you can use to save image and video from instagram.while we suggest
save & report for instagram app for those who simply download image and video from can share directly image and videos
with your friends or on your own instagram.

the main features of this app:

#this app is not required to login in instagram.
#multiple image and videos download support for instagram latest features.
#all instagram content is free to view,save ,share and repost,so no any app purchasses needed.
#backup to cloud:backup your instagram image and video to our cloud youcan access your
content from anywhere in the world.

★ Restore From Cloud: Restore your Instagram content from our cloud on different devices or tablets.

★ Multiple Devices: Backup or restore at any time and on any device!

★ Instagram Profiles for quickly viewing, saving, sharing and reposting your newly downloaded Instagram videos and photos.

★ Save, Share and Repost every photo and video in your own custom feed.

★ Repost Instagram content in just one click with and without repost text.

★ Share all your favourite instagram photos and videos with your friends.

★ Zoom in and out on all instagram photos and instagram profile pictures to see every detail.

★ Fast download for Instagram videos, enabling you to watch them directly as well as offline.

★ Optimize your download settings, so you can enjoy every Instagram download to the fullest.

★ Search and filter, so you can always go back to any pictures and videos that you downloaded long ago.

★ Easily access the Instagram profiles in our app at any point to easily switch back and forth.

★ Surprise your Instagram followers with the most beautiful creatures from instagram.

★ The best Instagram profile picture downloader with option to zoom in and out.

★ Fast download for Instagram videos, enabling you to watch them directly as well as offline.

★ Insta profile pic downloader in just one click and view them offline.

★ This InstaSaver will let you save photos and videos from any direction in our app.

★ There is no limit as to how many photos and videos you can download! Download as much Instagram photos and videos as you want.

★ Don’t like the way the app’s layout is organized? You can even adjust and change it the way you see fit!

★ This InstaSave is also optimized for tablets!

We hope that you like it and are be able to make use of it. The process of downloading Instagram photos ans videos has been tedious for a long time and we hope this app will be able to alleviate it.

So, are you ready to make your life easier with this instaSaver? Wait no longer and download now!



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