How to manually install Android P Developer Preview 1 on Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL


Google just took the wraps off of the first Developer Preview build of Android P. This early build introduces a redesigned notification shade and much more. Here’s how to manually install Android P DP1…

Note: This guide accept you as of now have the ADB instruments introduced on your PC. On the off chance that you require the ADB apparatuses, head over and download the Android SDK, and on the off chance that you haven’t officially opened your bootloader, continue perusing.

Before we begin, we have to ensure that your gadget is obvious to your PC. Sort the order “adb gadgets” in the implicit Terminal (MacOS/Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows) application; on the off chance that you see your gadget recorded, you’re prepared to go. If not, ensure your gadget has ADB troubleshooting turned on in Settings.

Unlock the bootloader

On the off chance that you realize that your gadget is as of now opened, don’t hesitate to avoid this area and continue perusing. Else, you have to ensure your telephone’s bootloader is opened before you can streak an industrial facility picture.

Bootloader locking is a security highlight that requires that your gadget is totally wiped while going from a “bolted” state to an “opened” state. Thus, there’s no real way to keep your information if your bootloader is bolted.

In the event that you have to open your bootloader, go to the Settings application, tap on the System choice, and make a beeline for “Designer alternatives” (in the event that you don’t see Developer choices, go to the “About telephone” page and tap the Android manufacture number a few times). Ensure that “OEM opening” is flipped on.

Next, utilize the charge “adb reboot bootloader” to go to the gadget’s bootloader and check if your gadget is in the bolted state. On the off chance that the bootloader on your Pixel gadget is bolted, ensure your gadget is at the bootloader screen and utilize the “fastboot oem open” charge. In the event that that didn’t work, you should utilize the “fastboot blazing unlock_critical” charge.

After this, you should see a few prompts on your gadget to affirm that you would in fact like to open your bootloader. After you affirm this, your gadget will be totally wiped, and you’ll be prepared to proceed onward with this guide.

Download and set up the plant picture


In the event that you haven’t as of now, snatch the Android P Developer Preview 1 work for your gadget from Google’s see production line picture page. Once you’ve downloaded the packed document, remove it.

Inside the removed pack document there will be a .compress record titled something like “taimen-ppp1.180208.014-industrial facility” (Pixel 2 XL), and after you separate that document, you’ll discover the bootloader, OS picture, merchant picture, and a radio picture.

Not recommended: modify the “flash-all” script to save your data

You just need to take after these guidelines if your gadget as of now had an opened bootloader and you need to keep your information. Something else, the glimmer will design your gadget and all information will be lost. On the off chance that your bootloader is bolted, your information should be wiped at any rate as portrayed previously. In the event that you would prefer not to lose your information, for this situation, you have to restart your gadget and back it up physically.

We don’t suggest doing this since it could cause bugs in the working framework. On the off chance that that doesn’t influence you, continue perusing…

The “blaze all” content contains the greater part of the summons important to streak the production line picture onto your gadget. Before running it from the summon line, you should need to evacuate the banner that wipes your information (in spite of the fact that this isn’t perfect, you may keep running into issues particularly if it’s a noteworthy update).

In the document you separated you’ll discover two blaze all contents as specified previously. The glimmer all content with the .bat augmentation works with the Windows charge line while the .sh expansion works with the Unix order line (macOS, Linux, and so on.). Open up the correct glimmer all content with your most loved word processor and evacuate the “- w” from the document. “- w” is an ADB hail which wipes the greater part of the client information (the stuff we need to keep).

Once you’ve rolled out the improvement, spare your document, and open up a charge line program.

Run the script and install Android P DP1

As we did earlier to check unlock status, you need to boot into your bootloader to flash the factory image. Execute the command “adb reboot bootloader” again to get there. Alternatively, you could start up the device while holding the volume down and power keys simultaneously to boot into the bootloader.

Now point your command line to the file directory with the flash-all script. (Ex: cd /Users/<yourusername>/Downloads/taimen-ppp1.180208.014-factory-8e44f67a). For more help on using the command line, see this cheat sheet.

Once you’ve pointed to the correct directory, run your script.

  • On Unix/Mac, run “./”

  • On Windows, run “flash-all.bat”

Presently you should see the content running on-screen. It can take up to barely five minutes for the picture to introduce. Once the picture is introduced, the content will naturally reboot your telephone. The main boot for the most part takes a while so you may need to hold up around 10 minutes before expecting you’ve entered a bootloop.

A few clients have had issues with the glimmer all content not dealing with a few gadgets. On the off chance that that is the situation for you, you will need to streak the greater part of the pictures physically. It’s not a difficult procedure, however, and just requires a couple of additional means. Ensure your gadget is in the best possible bootloader state, and afterward take after these directions:

First, flash the bootloader, reboot, next radio, and then reboot the bootloader again:

fastboot flash bootloader <bootloader file name here>.img

fastboot reboot-bootloader

fastboot flash radio <radio file name here>.img

fastboot reboot-bootloader

Flash the image:

fastboot flash -w update <image file name here>.zip


Reboot your device if it doesn’t happen automatically:

fastboot reboot

After the gadget boots, you ought to have Android P DP1 and, on the off chance that you picked to adjust the blaze all content, the majority of your information ought to be in place.


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