Google Play Store starts recommending Lite and Android Go apps


Google has started to promote Lite and Android Go versions of apps inside the Google Play Store.
For example, if you are thinking about installing the Facebook app,
you’ll see a little reminder on the Facebook listing telling you that Facebook Lite is an option
FORYOUR PHONE.The Lite version of the social network weighs in at just 1.6MB
compared to 60MB for the full version of the app. Tapping on “view” under the reminder takes
you to directly to the Facebook Lite listing.Other Lite apps include Skype Lite and Twitter Lite.




Also being recommended in the Google Play Store are Android Go apps.
These are apps made for Android Go handsets,which typically have only 1GB of RAM and are priced at under $100.
Many of Google’s most popular apps like YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Google Search have “Go” versions.
Keep in mind that some Lite apps are not available in the states, or on certain handsets. Check out the images
that accompany this story to see what these reminders and recommendations look like.



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